Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how information is collected, used and disclosed by this App with respect to user’s access and use of our service through the application.

Data Collection

Your privacy is important to us. In this app, we don't collect any personal or private data. However, we use Google's thirty pard library and they might use your device infomation, like your iOS version, system language, etc.

Infomation usage

This app is only entertainment purpose. You will be completely safe when using it. We ask you for below feature usage when using the app. If you feel not safe about below usages, feel free to tap NO when you see the alert view in our app.

WLAN Usage

We might use your WLAN or Cellular to access internet. When doing In-app purchase, internet is required.

Camera and Photo Album Usage

We use your camera and photo album to choose a picture and make it as background image.

Subject to change

This Privacy Policy may be revised and modified at some time in the future. We will post on this page when we make any updates.